Giving Dignity back through Technology

Meet the WheelyWasher

We have created a novel, fully automatic and hands-off cleaning station for washing the wheels on wheelchairs.


Does in 5 minutes a manual work of 45 to 60 minutes


Adapted to all wheelchairs, manual and electric


Autonomous drivers can use it alone, no need for additional help


Facilitates outdoor activities, increasing peoples’ quality of life and well-being

Our Technology

Patented technology!

We own our patented technology. While it is perfect for cleaning the wheels on wheelchairs, many other wheeled vehicles will benefit from it.

Precision high-pressure waterjets

Powerful drying blowers

Compatible to all wheelchairs’ wheels models, sizes, types, groves, …

Protects the chair, the electronics, the mechanics and, most importantly, the user

Our Team & Partners

Adan Villamarin

Co-Founder / Business

Reza Safai-Naeeni

Co-Founder / Technology

Maggie Goudy

Wheely Amazing Mom / Marketing

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